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About the Little Viper

  • Weighs only 1 oz!
  • 10% OC pepper spray (.04grams)
  • Contains 3-6 bursts with a 3′ range!
  • Adjustable silicone bracelet (8.5″ long, one size fits most) with world’s smallest pepper spray canister!
  • Fashionable, low-profile design so no one will know you’re carrying pepper spray!!
  • Water resistant for joggers/runners and sports enthusiasts.
  • Maximum strength formula to cause coughing, choking, and an intense burning sensation while forcing the attacker’s eyes shut.

About the Inventor


Inventor, Caroline Olah

Caroline Olah
, a serial entrepreneur, launched her invention, the Little Viper, the world’s first and only fashion pepper spray self-defense bracelet in the summer of 2013. She conceptualized the bracelet after becoming frustrated with the other pepper spray products on the market at the time.

Her daughters would always put their pepper spray in their purse or sweatshirt pocket and she knew that if they were caught off guard, they wouldn’t be able to access it. She wanted her two daughters to have a pepper spray product that was easily accessible and ready for instantaneous use, while being fashionable and discreet as to it containing pepper spray.  She solely designed, researched, developed, and brought the product to marketplace.

About the Company

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In February 2018 Little Viper was acquired by Stun & Run Self Defense, a personal protection and crime prevention company based in Minneapolis, MN. 

Owners Ulrich Faircloth and Shon Brown have been actively working to continue Caroline's legacy by getting a Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet into the hands of as many people who need protection as possible. 

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