Chicago Sun-Times online blog/article about the Little Viper

Chicago Sun-Times online blog/article about the Little Viper

Posted by Caroline Olah on Sep 15th 2014

By Sue Ontiveros | Get In Touch: @sueontiveros |sueontiveros.cst@gmail.comArts & Entertainment, The Daily Sizzle – September 15, 2014 8:00 am

Sue’s Morning Stretch: Little Viper is safety in a bracelet

The Little Viper looks like any other bracelet, doesn't it? | SUBMITTED PHOTO

With their personal safety in mind, a lot of women carry pepper spray.

But where is that spray? Usually in their purse jammed under the cell phone, wallet, hairbrush and who knows what else. In a moment of need, what’s the chance she could get to it in time?

That’s the thinking behind Little Viper, created by Caroline Olah of Crown Point, Ind. The 8½-inch adjustable silicone bracelet has a small pepper spray canister attached on the side. No need to fish through a purse; the protectant spray is right at hand, says Olah, the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 16.

The bracelet is lightweight (it weighs an ounce) and comes in black or pink. The canister looks like it’s just part of the design; very unobtrusive.

Small, but effective is what Olah was going for with Little Viper. The spray (a 10 percent oleoresin capsicum pepper spray) can emit three to six bursts at up to a three-foot range. A person has to put a finger on each end to release the pepper spray, so there’s no chance it can go off for no reason, according to the website.

Its a great idea for anytime women (or for that matter, men) feel they might be vulnerable. Here’s what one runner had to say about it on Twitter:

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The Little Viper is $19.99 and can be purchased on the website here.

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