Little Viper on the Dream Big America inventor contest

Posted by Caroline Olah on May 15th 2015

Caroline Olah, Little Viper inventor, will be on the radio pitching the Little Viper this morning (May 15, 2015) at approx 8:20am CST on the Dream Big America competition (after winning the My Cool Inventions radio competition last week). She will be competing against two other inventors! Please cast your vote for Little Viper!!! You can vote today through the next Wednesday! The winner makes it to the FINALS show on Friday, May 22!! Thank you for everyone’s kindness and support!!

Dream Big America’s™ Mission

Throughout our history, every great product, service, non-profit, or cause started with a burgeoning idea that kept someone awake at night. That person invested their hard-earned savings, took great risks, and endured sacrifice because they believed in something bigger than themselves.

America became great because that person could have a dream – and be willing to work hard – and make that dream come true. And almost always our society benefited from those “American Dreams.”

In today’s economy, we need great ideas, innovative thinkers, and big dreamers more than ever. Dream Big America’s™ mission is to provide a modern-day platform for entrepreneurs across America to learn, interact, discover the resources needed to get great ideas to the market. Importantly, its mission is to help great ideas, great American Dreams, come to fruition.

Welcome to Dream Big America™, where we give a voice to entrepreneurs!

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