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Posted by Caroline Olah on Sep 12th 2013

Amazon Review 9/11/13:

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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE the Little Viper, PERFECT self defense product!!!
September 11, 2013

By J. Lowrey

I recently used my Little Viper for protection, and loved it!! I am a pet sitter, so I often times have to go into clients homes first for Meet & Greets with new people; and then later I enter the home with only the pets at home. It is sometimes scary, and can put me into a compromising position. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I wear my Little Viper because I know that if a problem arises, I am equipped to handle it at a moments notice!

The bracelet itself is very comfortable, fits nicely on my arm, does not hinder my movement at all; yet is ready to go should I need to protect myself! I love it, and plan on wearing it A LOT!! I would recommend this product to ANYONE who may need to defend themselves at any time!


Review Posted to the Little Viper Facebook Page on 9/9/13

“I had an occasion to use my Little Viper bracelet. Well, I didn’t “use” it but was prepared to! Traveling from Houston to NW Indiana by myself, I had to stay in a hotel with my dogs. Small town in Arkansas, right next to the interstate, not very populated & kinda scary. I had to take the dogs out before bed at midnight or so and had my bracelet ready!”
~ Beth S.


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